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Stuffed Courgette Flowers

How to use up all those courgette flowers at this time of year? Try this stuffed courgette flowers recipe

Mushroom Foraging

Introduction to mushroom foraging

Nomadic Community Gardens

We went to visit the Nomadic Community Gardens near Brick Lane in London.

Basic Gardening Equipment

A list of the basic equipment you will need to start gardening.


Foxes are a reality of living in an urban area, and they can be destructive. But there’s an easy way to deter them.

Support For Climbing Plants

How to support your climbing plants, using canes.

Pomegranate Seed Ice Cubes

Pomegranate seed ice cubes are fun to make, look good and are delicious.


Raspberries are so easy to grow that your main problem is stopping them take over the garden!


Pesto is a great way to easily use up a large amount of leaves.

Beech Nuts

I have many happy memories of foraging for beech nuts with my dad.

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