Raspberries are so easy to grow that your main problem is stopping them take over the garden!

There were a few canes growing in our garden when we moved in. Now there are so many canes that I had to chop most of it back this year. I also dug up many of the plants and gave them away.

I cut some canes to use in the beds to stop foxes digging in them, and even some of them sprouted! It is very easy to take cuttings like this in the winter.

The main thing to do with raspberries is to cut them right back in winter, so there’s only a few inches sticking out of the ground.

The only other thing to do is to eat them!

Raspberries are dark red when they are ripe. Try pulling the fruit gently and if they’re ripe it will come away easily. If you can’t pick it easily the raspberry will be sour.

If you see tiny worms in your raspberries, don’t worry they’re harmless. If you don’t want to eat them, just look inside and they’re easy to see. If you have worms in some they won’t necessarily be in the others.

We just eat them all. As my kids say “Mmmmm….. extra protein!”