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Tooting Community Garden

My local community garden is a green oasis in the heart of South London.

Pea Shoots

An introduction to growing pea shoots.

Nomadic Community Gardens

We went to visit the Nomadic Community Gardens near Brick Lane in London.

Basic Gardening Equipment

A list of the basic equipment you will need to start gardening.


Foxes are a reality of living in an urban area, and they can be destructive. But there’s an easy way to deter them.

Support For Climbing Plants

How to support your climbing plants, using canes.


Raspberries are so easy to grow that your main problem is stopping them take over the garden!

5 Top Tips for Beginner Gardeners

Sticky post

My five best bits of advice for anyone thinking of starting to grow their own food.

Strawberry Planter

How to build a strawberry planter out of a wooden pallet.

Potato Planters

The great thing about growing your own potatoes, apart from the fact that fresh veg tastes better, is that there are so many different varieties to try.

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