Some plants only need you to put a cane next to them and they will grow up on their own. It is best to plant the seeds on the side of the cane furthest from the sun. The plant will then grow towards the sun and will ‘find’ the cane.

  • Beans, Peas

Some plants need you to tie them gently to the cane with twine:

  • Raspberries, grapes, cucumbers (sometimes), broccoli, kale, tomatoes

I use these canes to support my plants. I like bamboo as it’s sustainable and strong. You can cut it easily using shears to whatever length you need.

I bought 50 of the 7 foot long bamboo canes. I use them full length for runner beans and cut in half for peas.

It’s best to place three or four canes in a teepee shape and tie the tops together, for more strength.

I bought this metal ‘obelisk’ (above) last year to try growing pumpkins upwards. It worked quite well at first, but in the end wasn’t strong enough to support the pumpkin and bent!

If I do try this again I’m going to build something stronger.

The obelisk worked well however, so I am using it for cucumbers instead this year.