Foxes are a reality of living in an urban area, and they can be destructive.

They will attack any large patch of bare earth, digging up bulbs and seedlings.

I tried the sonic repellers. I know some people said they have good results from them, but I found they didn’t stop the foxes digging up my beds. My children also told me they could also hear them and they were irritating to them!

The best thing I found to stop the foxes digging in the beds is… pointy sticks!

Yes – that’s all that you need to stop the pesky foxes! Just push sticks in throughout the beds and after a few goes the foxes will leave them alone.

I have lots of raspberries in my garden and I found the cut canes were perfect as they’re also very prickly. A fox will only ever have one go a at a bed full of raspberry canes!

If you have larger beds, lay larger items such as planks, logs and bricks over the bed. Again the foxes leave these alone if they’re not easy to clear.

I found that once they learned the beds weren’t good to dig in, they stayed away.

The foxes left this alone.